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Jigsaw Method

Author: Pencil Case  Date: 07 June 2021

Current position on John Hattie's list of student achievement influences: 7

Effect size: 1.2

Definition of the Jigsaw Method

The Jigsaw Method is a cooperative learning strategy and was developed by Elliot Aronson in 1971. It involves using equal groups of students and breaking up of concepts into chunks.

The basic idea is that you break a body of information up into perhaps six chunks (but any number is acceptable). You split your students into groups of six numbered one to six. You then mix the students up so that all the ones are in one group, all the twos in another etc. These groups are called expert groups and the group of ones become experts on one concept, the twos on another and so on. The group of ones all read some information and discuss what it means. After an allocated amount of time passes, the original groups of one to six reform. The number one teaches the rest of the group what they learnt, then two does the same then three etc. until six. This approach reduces the cognitive load initially to allow master of a part of the knowledge.


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