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What Is Pencil Case?

Author: Pencil Case  Date: 20 August 2020

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Reference: https://visible-learning. org/hattie-ranking-influences-effect-sizes-learning-achievement/ ... Full article ⇢

My wife and I bought our current house in 2012. We we moved in, and after all the costs we owed half a million dollars. Sheesh! Things were going fine, but then we decided to try and pay off the mortgage as quick as we could. We invented what we called "year of thrift". We decided to spend a year cutting our expenses as low as we could and putting as much money into our mortgage as we could... Full article ⇢

Study Skills - 28 Feb 2020

Learning to Study = Learning to Succeed I have always enjoyed learning and the pursuit of knowledge. However, I have never liked the idea of spending hundreds of hours with my head in a book, neglecting my friends and others interests. I had to make a decision while studying and my decision was to study as efficiently as possible. This let me achieve my academic goals, while still maximising the time I had available for part time work, friends and hobbies. If you are looking to wave a magic wand to make study easy, I am sorry but you are out of luck... Full article ⇢

Rationale For Role Plays When the language of mathematics is used it is strengthened in the mind of the learner. A role play provides the student with the opportunity to use mathematical language in the correct format regardless of the mathematical skill of the student. Australian Curriculum Year 6 Mathematics > Measurement and Geometry > Using units of measurement > Connect decimal representations to the metric system (ACMMG135) Role Plays: The Pedometer ... Full article ⇢

What is measurement? - 23 Feb 2020

What is Measurement? Measurement means determining the quantity of something such as weight or length using counting or tools of measurement. It involves counting the amount of an appropriate unit that matches the item to be measured. Measurement can be informal or formal. Informal measurement includes a measurement activity like pacing down the side of your pool to see how long it is or using a piece of string to see if a new couch will fit through a doorway. Formal measurement involves using a standard, agreed on Unit Of Measurement to accurately measure something... Full article ⇢

Units Of Measurement - 22 Sep 2019

What are the Metric Units Of Measurement? Within the metric (metric means the modern system of numbers based on the number 10) there are many clearly defined units of measurement or ways to measure things. Some of the units are classified by the International System of Units (Système International d'Unités, with the international abbreviation SI) or SI for short. In Australia the International Measurement System (SI) is managed by the National Measurement Institute. The SI system classifies the base metric units but there are also many non SI metric units such as the metric tonne. What are the Common Units Of Measurement? The metric SI system provides a range of standard measures... Full article ⇢

Managing Time = Managing Success The concept of time management is very simple. It means making choices so that you can get the most done in the time you have available, or so that you can get the work you have to do done quicker. Time management is probably the biggest issue facing people studying. Either they find too little time to study, they leave it to the last minute, or they spend lots of hours studying but get little done. Why don't we manage our time well? There are two key issues with time management, the dance of competing priorities and some things just aren't fun... Full article ⇢

Setting SMART Goals - 22 Aug 2019

SMART Goals = Success The idea of the SMART acronym is to improve your success with goal setting. Instead of setting vague, wishy washy goals, the SMART process allows you to set goals that are clear and actionable. SMART is a goal setting acronym. There are a number of variations around but I prefer: Specific Measurable Ambitious Realistic Time Bound Specific - Set goals that are very precise. Not "I will study tonight" but "I will study the effect of temperature on gas pressure for chemistry tonight"... Full article ⇢

Case Study: Sarah Sarah is really happy. She received much better grades than she was expecting in her recent report. Sarah is in year 11 at high school. She is studying 6 subjects: chemistry, human biology, maths, English, economics and outdoor education. Sarah finds English the hardest, followed by maths... Full article ⇢

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