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Self Reported Grades

Author: Pencil Case  Date: 13 December 2020

Current position on John Hattie's list of student achievement influences: 2

Effect size: 1.33

Domain: Student

Definition of Self Reported Grades

Imagine I say to you, "run 100m". You do it and then I complain that you weren't fast enough. Would that be fair? Of course not. This is the focus here with Self Reported Grades. We often give students a test and say do this, only to get frustrated when the student doesn't perform to expectations. With Self Reported Grades, you ask a student to set a goal for a course, assessment etc. The goal should make predictions about what the student's performance will be. The teacher can have conversations with the student about this goal and give them strategies to achieve it. The student takes the assessment and compares their actual achievement to their goal.


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