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Mental Maths

Author: Pencil Case  Date: 05 April 2020

Mental Maths = Minimal Effort

Mental maths allows you to calculate sums without mental effort. The average human can only store 5 to 9 items in short term memory. When you know that six eights are forty eight off by heart, you can retrieve this from long term memory without using one of your 5 to 9 short term memory items. Drawing from long term memory means you have short term storage left to hold information about the current problem you are trying to solve.

Why do you mix up x ÷ + and - with your exercises? This is a process call interleaved practice. Because your brain has to flip from one operation to another, you are constantly retrieving and encoding memories, thus strengthening you neural connections to that information.

How does this fit the WA Curriculum?

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