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Study Skills

Author: Pencil Case  Date: 12 May 2022

Study Skills Cover

Learning to Study = Learning to Succeed

I have always enjoyed learning and the pursuit of knowledge. However, I have never liked the idea of spending hundreds of hours with my head in a book, neglecting my friends and others interests. I had to make a decision while studying and my decision was to study as efficiently as possible. This let me achieve my academic goals, while still maximising the time I had available for part time work, friends and hobbies.

If you are looking to wave a magic wand to make study easy, I am sorry, but you are out of luck. This guide is merely a collection of words unless it is used properly. The only way you will notice a difference in your study life is if you actually put the ideas we have collected into practice and implement them in every one of your study sessions.

Your efforts at utilising this guide will not only aid you in your study life, but also in your work and personal life. I have had to learn more information, skills, techniques and procedures in work than I ever had to in school or at university. I am thankful for the skills that are in this guide, as it doesn’t matter whether you are a plumber or a doctor, a great memory, good time management and logical problem solving will help you succeed every time.

Regardless of whether you are a struggling student, an average student that wants more spare time, or an advanced student that wants to gain every extra mark possible then this is the guide for you.

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