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How To Set Goals In Ten Easy Steps

Author: Pencil Case  Date: 22 August 2019

Goals = Direction

A goal is like a target for your mind. If you just wander through study, your brain will try and fill in the gaps and work out what you want. What your brain comes up with may not be what you want. Be clear, be black and white and set your brain straight. "I want a B in maths! That is exactly what I want!"


In your notebook, work through these steps to goal setting success.

Step One - List everything that you want to achieve with your studies e.g. Get into TAFE/Uni, B in maths, A in English etc. Don't be shy, brainstorm everything.

Step Two - List everything that gets in the way of achieving what it is you want to achieve e.g. no time, too much TV etc.

Step Three - For each block you identified in step two, write down at least one thing that you can do to prevent this issue or at least minimise its effect.

Step Four - Right now, commit to taking one of the actions you identified in step three.

Step Five - When you have incorporated step four, and it is working for you, repeat with another solution from step three.

Step Six - Set yourself a time limit to achieve what you want e.g. I will get a B in maths this semester.

Step Seven - Turn the brainstorm of goals from step one into a list with a tick box next to each item.

Step Eight - Commit now to look at this list every day to remind yourself of what you really want to get out of school. Put this list somewhere you will see it on a regular basis. The back of the toilet door is good!

Step Nine - If a list like this is too sterile for you there are lots of other ideas. Make a poster and put it up in your locker, create a sign on top of your computer. Get creative!

Step Ten - Set rewards for yourself. It is very important that you reward yourself for what you do. The important thing is to reward the behaviour that you want. For example, you may put a chocolate bar in the fridge and say that when I finish my physics assignment, I can eat it. Rewards improve your motivation because they help you to focus on your end goal, thus making you more motivated and efficient.

Remember that your success is up to you. If you want TAFE, Uni, work or whatever, you have to commit right now to getting what you want. Remember start small, and build from there.

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