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How To Use Learning Styles

Author: Pencil Case  Date: 09 June 2018

Know how you learn = Learn better

Step 1 - To start using learning styles you need to work out whether you are a physical, visual or auditory learner. Over the next week or so, try learning things using the three different methods and see which one you prefer. It is important to understand however, that everyone can learn in all three ways but usually one works the best and then another doesn't work quite as well and then the third works the least. For example, if you are predominantly an auditory learner you may find that if you listen carefully to the teacher you will absorb most of what they say. However, if they put up a slide with lots of writing you get lost and can't focus. This indicates that where possible you should use sound and auditory methods to learn.

Step 2 - Structure your practice/study around your favoured mode of learning. Let us say that you are a visual/physical learner. As the teacher completes a demonstration, watch carefully and mimic what they are doing with your own hands. As they turn the knob on the burette to commence a titration in chemistry, you do the same in the air. Pretend to be holding the knob of the burette and turn it fictitiously. This kinaesthetic approach will drive engagement and concentration. If you are an auditory learner, make a recording on your phone of your notes. Instead of reading them quietly read them out loud so that you can hear them as you learn.

Once you know what your mode is, use it every time you study.

Advanced Tip

Everyone can learn with all modes - we are just better at some than others. An advanced student would use all three modes to learn. For example, if you were learning about profit and loss statements in accounting you might draw up a P & L statement (physical). You would then look at it (visual) and finally you might describe and explain the P & L out loud or on your phone (auditory) so that you can listen back to it.


Try all three learning styles. Which do you prefer?

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