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Linear Notes

Author: Pencil Case  Date: 22 August 2019

Linear Notes = Hmmm

When a student talks about note taking, it is usually linear notes that they are thinking about.

The word linear starts with line i.e. line-ar. This means taking notes in a straight line. The classic example is sitting in a class or lecture and writing down verbatim everything the lecturer or teacher says. This is not a very effective study method but it is what everyone does.

The reason it is not effective as it does not allow for thinking, recalling or processing of information and it is this that generates learning. This is the process of encoding or effort that activates brain cells in a way that stores or "encodes" information. Essentially, linear note taking does not allow for encoding to occur and so is not a very effective note taking method.

Short hand = A short cut

Sometimes, you have to take lots of notes. For example, if you are being given step by step procedures or the information can not be found elsewhere e.g. writing a review of a play. There are some really creative ways to reduce the amount of writing you need to do by using short hand. You can develop a collection of simple symbols that you can use to make note taking simpler. For example, in biology the word photosynthesis comes up all the time. Why note draw a small rectangle "a photo" to speed up notes. Have some fun and create your own, keep them simple and use them for words you find yourself writing all the time.

Very important tip, keep a sheet that records what all your symbols mean. Other wise you might forget and end up with a page of Egyptian hieroglyphics!

The next 3 lessons show far more effective note taking methods.

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