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Believe In Yourself

Author: Pencil Case  Date: 13 May 2022

Ability = Belief in Self + Effort

Confidence in yourself and your abilities are vital if you are to succeed. Everyone has a subject that they feel they are bad at, for me it was English. What is it for you? Everyone usually has a subject they feel they are good at, for me it was science. What is yours? When the teacher said we had an assignment for English I would have shivers run up my spine and I would dread the thought. However, when my science teacher said we had a science test I would actually get quite excited because I was confident I would do well. Because of the joy science would bring, I would hit the books, do lots of study, and become even more confident in my ability to do well. Poor old English though. Because I feared doing badly, I would put it off until the very last minute. I think my brain was saying "if you ignore English, it will go away". Of course, it didn't.

The change came for me when I suddenly realised that I wasn't any better at science than English, I was just more positive about science and this made me do better. As a result I started changing the way I thought about English. I no longer said "I am bad at English" I started to say "I'm trying hard to get better at English" or "English isn't so bad, it will be all right". As soon as I did this, I started getting better at English, my stress levels went down and my grades went up.


Write a list of all the subjects you are not positive about. Now write a positive phrase (called an affirmation) that you can say to yourself when you're being negative or even as you are walking to class.


"I hate maths" turns into "I am much better at maths than I was 3 months ago".

Now write your list and your affirmations in your note book.

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