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Creating A Productive Study Space

Author: Pencil Case  Date: 22 August 2019

A Productive Study Space = Productive Study

Pick somewhere quiet - A library is good, a study den away from the busy end of the house is good. Some people say "I like to have the radio on". There is no right or wrong answer here when it comes to background noise. I would suggest that the radio is more likely to be a distraction than an aid to good study but the choice is yours. If you are unsure, try studying with the radio and without and then be honest as to which way was better for you to study. You might like to experiment with the type of music as well. Try your favourite rock/pop, try some nice classical or perhaps even a relaxation tape with a running stream, bells or bird sounds. Whatever works is the right answer.

Pick somewhere boring - If your room is covered in posters and other distractions then try a nice sterile spare room.

Have lots of light - Pick a bright room and put in extra lighting (e.g. a lamp) if need be. Bright light does two things: one: it affects your body clock tricking it into releasing hormones as if it was the middle of the day thus helping you to stay awake, and two: it is better for the health of your eyes. Eye strain and headaches come from staring too closely at something for too long and/or from not enough light forcing your eyes to strain themselves to see.

Pick a comfortable place - If it's cold wear a jumper, if it is hot get a fan or find a new study space and make sure you have heaps of ventilation. If you are uncomfortable you can't concentrate, if oxygen is low you can't concentrate, if it is too hot/too cold the same. Make yourself feel good about spending 15 mins to 3 hours in that very spot. Do what it takes to be there for the long haul!

Don't use ornaments - Don't put photos etc. around your study area. When you go there, you go there to work not to look at photos.

Don't put too much on the desk at once - If you pile all your books and notes and pens and dictionaries etc. up on the table it can be quite unmotivating. As you look at all the work in front of you it all becomes too hard. Only have what you need at the time up on the desk and put the rest on the floor.

Be organised - Have all of your equipment with you. Many students use the excuse of going back to their room to get a calculator, then a pen, then a drink as a legitimate excuse for avoiding study.

Change your space - If your space is not working or ceases to work, change it and find another study area that works. I handed out a survey to a student who said "I hate my chair, it kills my back". When I approached her later she was still using the same chair! Don't just put up with something, if it isn't working for you change it right now.

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