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Easy Notes

Author: Pencil Case  Date: 22 August 2019

Easy Notes = Easy study

Easy Notes exploit the way that human memory works. When we encode memories we link new knowledge to old knowledge. For example, if I asked you what clothes you wore when you were 10 you probably couldn't tell me. If I said "think of a memorable day when you were 10. Now tell me what you ate, wore etc." you would have a lot greater chance of recalling that information. This is because the brain links new information to existing information. Sometimes you need to access something you know in order to recall something forgotten.

How the technique works

Each class you will learn or practice a variety of items. At the end of each class, select 1 or 2 of the most important or memorable things from that class. Write them down in a list, match them to the class and ideally write them as a question or keyword. Over the 40 school weeks of the year you will complete around 120 classes in each subject and that means that in your easy notes you will have 120 to 240 of the most vital bits on information you need to understand.

On a weekly basis, look at your Easy Notes. Ask yourself the questions and try to recall the answer. As an extension, try and link your question to the other things you learnt in that class.


In your Easy Notes you have an entry that says "English, week 3, lesson 2 - When do you use a comma?" You say to yourself the following "I use a comma if there is a natural pause in writing, a list or to join 2 ideas. What else did I learn that day (linking)? Oh yes, I also learnt to use an apostrophe to show possession." By building the link you are strengthening the neural pathway to that information.

This can greatly speed up review. Imagine only having to study 4 or 5 A4 pieces of paper before your exams and not the mountains of notes and text books most people are used to using.

Easy notes doesn't have to be anything special. A couple of lines after every class on some file paper or in a diary is all it takes.

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