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Author: Pencil Case  Date: 22 August 2019

Good reading = Essential

Many people struggle to read well and even advanced readers are often reading well below their capacity. Have you ever read a line in a book and then realised that you have read the same line 4 times! Have you ever read a paragraph or perhaps a page and then realised that you had no idea what you just read.

When we read a conflict develops between our eyes and our brains. Our brains are very efficient at reading and the average brain can quite comfortably handle 700 to 800 words per minute. Unfortunately eyes only skim across the page at 125 to 250 words per minute. The end result is that our brains get tired, we lose concentration and our mind wanders off with the result being that we are no longer paying attention to the words we are reading. Don't panic though, the answer is very simple. Read faster!

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