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Measure Your Reading Speed

Author: Pencil Case  Date: 23 August 2019

Read faster = Read better

To test your reading speed, get your phone ready with the stopwatch feature.


Read the following passage in your own natural style of reading for 60 seconds and at the end of 60 seconds put your finger on the final word you reached. Be honest about where you ended as this is not a competition with others.

The "Am I Doing Something With My Life" Test

One of the daily struggles we face is to reassure ourselves that yes, in fact, we are doing something worthwhile with our lives. This doubt is often self generated in that we look at the position, efforts and status of others and compare this to our own situation to form a judgement about any directions we may be taking. Sometimes, this doubt is forced upon us by the disapproving of others. How many times have you heard people say "that is not a real job". Has your mother asked you what you're doing with your life and when the words "I've just passed the bar exam to be a lawyer" don't appear she looks at you with a level of discontent that can be devastating.

If you said to someone "I've decided to take an afternoon a week off work to read more" what reaction would you get? Most people would respond with unimpressed disgust as you are not "working". However, if you were to say "I've decided to take an afternoon a week off work to read more, as I am thinking of becoming a doctor", back to the level of high status you go.

So the question begs, how does one know if one is doing something with one's life and what does this mean. I would like to put forward a working definition of "doing something with my life!" To be doing something with your life means that you are actively choosing to do things today that support the life you want or will create the future you desire.

To explain this definition, I need to decode two things, actively choosing and the future you desire. Actively choosing means that you have made a clear and specific choice to participate in the activity you are currently involved in. If you are working at a supermarket stacking shelves are you doing something with your life? The answer is that it depends and can be yes or no. If you are working in a supermarket because you always have or because you can't be bothered changing jobs then no you are not doing something with your life.

If you are working in a supermarket because it provides for your family, it is a low stress job that allows you to come home mentally fresh and ready to give your kids 100% or maybe just because you genuinely love the job then yes you are doing something with your life. If you are working in the supermarket to provide future benefits i.e. you wish to achieve a management role, you are paying your way through TAFE or University then the good news is that YES, you are doing something with your life.


The passage above contains an average of ten words per line. Count how many lines you read and record the answer:

I read _____ lines therefore my natural reading speed is ____ x 10 or ____ words per minute.

Come back and re-test your reading speed from time to time.

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